Saturday, June 21, 2008

Popeye Was a Genius...

Spinach is one of the best Zone foods because you can do a variety of things with it in recipes and you can have a lot of it! I use this recipe as a side salad, but you could easily add protein to it (eggs, chicken etc...) and make it a great meal as well.
Spinach Salad-2 block serving
3 cups spinach (1/2 block carb)
1/2 apple chopped (1 block carb)
1 1/2 oz feta cheese (1 block fat)
3 pecans broken into pieces (1 block fat)
Lite Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette to coat
This is a little under on carbs, so you could add a 1/2 cup strawberries or raspberries on the side to balance.


  1. Just checking out the new blog for the first time today. FANTASTIC! Great ideas and pics that make the food look SO good. Good job you guys! I LOVE it!

  2. Hey Michele. I just figured out my Protein needs for Zone. I came out with 19 blocks. Based on my understanding I should have 19 Protein, 19 Carb and 19 Fat, correct ?

  3. Nineteen sounds a little high...what are your goals? Are you trying to maintain weight or lose weight? To answer your question, however, you are correct that you should have 19 of each for the day.

  4. My goal is to lose 5 lbs. and to lean up. I have never been a very lean person and I have not been this light since college. I think you may be right though, this mornings breakfast is a lot more than I usually eat.

  5. Spinach is good and inexpensive. Great comparison yesterday, How is the taste on that O sugar bar?I have 3 questions.
    1.What am I looking for when fish oil tablets?
    2. Most blogs encourage 2- 5 x fat intake for crossfitters looking to improve performance. If I am slim is that true?
    3. The Rip approach to a gallon of milk a day, Can this be applied in Zone Diet in smaller quantities, with the scaled effects?

  6. Anonymous-
    First- the taste on the Think Thin bars are actually really good! I recommend them. To answer your other questions...
    1. I think quality fish oil is first and foremost. I like Nordic Naturals, but there are other good ones out there.
    2. Increasing your fat will depend upon how you are feeling. If you are losing weight and you don't want to etc...feel free to add fat back in one block at a time until you find a place you feel good at.
    3. I LOVE milk, but you need to make sure you are counting it in your blocks. I cup of milk is equal to 1 block of each marker (protein, fat and carb).