Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tuna Sandwich

One of my favorite lunches!
Tuna Sandwich- 2 block lunch
2 slices Orowheat Light bread (1 block carbs)
2 oz tuna with light mayonnaise (2 blocks protein/ 2 blocks fat)
1/2 apple sliced (1 block carbs)


  1. What a coincidence -- that's what I had for lunch!

    Dinner tonight was perfect. (Less so last night in SF.)

    5 oz. roasted chicken

    Huge 5-block salad:
    6 c baby greens
    1 c cherry tomatoes
    1/2 c chick peas
    2 tbsp vinegar
    1 2/3 tsp olive oil

    I actually just dumped the chicken into the salad and it was great.

    Michelle, do you count vinegar when you use it?

  2. Hey, I had tuna for lunch too! I did make my own mayo today for the first time. It wasn't great but it didn't suck either. I used 2 tbs of it in the tuna as my fat.

    I've been really good with measuring the protein and the fats, but have really been just eye balling the carbs. However, my carbs have been limited to veggies and small amounts of fruit.

    Today is day 14 of my commitment to the Robb Wolf shopping list. I've dropped 13 lbs to date and got my first pull ups yesterday (did 3). I will say, I'm looking forward to my 1 cheat day allowed for the 30 days, Thanksgiving. I'm at the point where I'm getting sick of just eating meat and veggies, but I am committed to the 30 days (not counting turkey day). I know I can add yogurt and zone portions (strictly weighed of course) of pita, but I did challenge myself for 30 days.

    I'm glad to see you still commenting Jonny. I don't count vinegar, I usually use about 2 Tbs in my salads at lunch.

    Michele, I made your chicken soup and it was a major hit with the kids. Thanks again for sharing your recipes.


  3. Hey there boys---great minds think alike huh? Jon- No i do not count vinegar because it is pretty negligle.
    Dave- Great job sticking with the challenge! I am glad to hear your kids liked the kids like that one as well.
    Keep up the great work boys!