Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweet and Refreshing!

When the sweet tooth comes knocking... this is nice!
Makes two 1.5 block servings:
1 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 C fresh strawberries
3 T ProZone 30-30-40 Vanilla Bean
Blend with about 10-12 pieces ice until nice and frothy!
Can you drink it slow? I can't... It goes down easy!
Have a nice weekend! :)


  1. Nice to see some snack ideas! How do you count the unsweetened almond milk? Is it a carb block?

  2. Hi Trixie. 1 C unsweetened almond milk is actually 1 fat block & negligible carbs. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for answering my question,have always wanted to try Almond milk!

  4. One more this made by Biochem? I want to make sure I buy the right product.

  5. It's called ProZone... Nutritionally Balanced Drink Mix
    30-30-40. You can get it at nutrition stores, or Whole Foods. The company that makes it is called NutriBiotic. Hope you like it!
    It's also really good with blueberries! :)

  6. Thanks Kelly! I just ordered the Vanilla flavor. Isn't the shake balanced on its own? Why add almond milk or strawberries?

  7. It is totally balanced by itself, and tasty, too!
    I like adding the fruit to change it up a bit. I've been experimenting a lot with almond milk, because I'm been eating more paleo/zone (so gluten and dairy free). However, I do have 1/2&1/2 in my coffee in the morning AND ProZone is technically not paleo... but I find it hard to get really good protein snacks, and this works perfectly!
    I appreciate you following the posts and your questions! Hope that helps. :)

  8. Hmm,I have been wanting to add almond milk into my you wanting to limit my dairy etc. It sure is hard finding Zone balanced snacks that give you protein that don't contain dairy etc.
    I'm so glad you don't mind my posts! I thought I was monopolizing your time:) I LOVE this blog and follow it daily. I LOVE all your meal ideas. Where do you get inspired? Do you have a particular site/cook book you could recommend to me? BTW: This is my Crossfit gym: