Monday, July 27, 2009

What's for breakfast?

This is an easy, quick and tasty breakfast! Remember with the zone, we need to eat within one hour after waking up! This is a 2 block Paleo breakfast:
1/2 Cup egg beaters
1 tsp. salsa
1 Cup blueberries
6 almonds


  1. Kelly, do you prefer egg beaters over regular eggs?

  2. I love eggs! I don't necessarily prefer egg beaters to eggs, I just like the ease and convenience. I eat a lot of hard boiled eggs throughout the week as snacks. I try to limit my eggs to 5-6 per week, so It's a good way to get good protein without over-doing my egg quota. You could just as easily scramble egg whites or regular eggs. I do think strict Paleo diets would prefer regular eggs over egg beaters due to the additives found in egg beaters.

  3. Nice to see breakfast for a change!

  4. Hi Kelly, Thanks for posting breakfast! Lunch would be a nice thing too :-)


  5. Eggs- scrambled with a bit of fruit- definitely a staple in our house! We don't normally add salsa though but I really like that idea! We'll be trying it in the morning. THANKS!

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