Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spoils to the Victor!

We had a friendly wager on today's WOD. Kelly won, so dinner is on me tonight! I kept it simple and sauteed up some squash, onions, garlic and red peppers. I topped them with steamed asparagus (4 minutes only) and served them with a salmon patty. Painless and quick. I'm going to let Kelly fill in the details on blocks, balance and all that stuff. Take care and have fun with it. ~Scott

Hmmmm. We should definitely wager more often! I enjoyed this evening! He even posted! :)
These were those great Costco Alaska Salmon patty specials! A perfect 3 block protein & fat 4oz portion. We had a side salad along with the sauteed veggies to balance out the carbs. Thanks, Scott!


  1. Congrats on winning dinner, Kelly! (and great WOD time too, btw). Scott, that dinner looks perfect and delicious. Strong work!

  2. Thanks for posting the Paleo Foods List, Kelly!

    One question: vinegar?

    Didn't see it in any of the categories and Theresa likes to use it for certain marinades and, of course, salad dressings.

  3. Arturo, vinegar is non-paleo because it came after agriculture! So lemon juice or lime juice is a good substitute. But ... keep it real! I don't think vinegar in small amounts has much of an impact either way on our diet. It just depends how strict you want to be.

  4. Hi guys! Kelly.. great job on keeping everyone paleo-zone inspired! I have been mostly Paleo-Zoning for a few years saw a post the other day about unsweetened almond milk. It is a for sure staple in my non -dairy world. I find it at TJ's in the almond milk area and they have non sweetened vanilla.
    It is really creamy and delicious. If I have a sweet tooth, having a glass of this with stevia (tj's too) added to it and a tsp of almond butter takes care of it. Keep up the great work people! You are what you eat! Enjoy the rewards!