Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Find!

I came across this treat at New Leaf last night! I was actually there for chard, and just wanted to peruse the ice cream isle... just for kicks! I found heaven on a stick!!!! And.... Paleo! IF you like coconut... and IF you like chocolate... and IF you have a sweet tooth.... try these!! Highly recommend! :)
So, they are Paleo (which is so cool)... BUT here are the zone bocks: 3 blocks fat, negligible protein, and 1.5 blocks carbs. So... not very well balanced. Sorry about that, zoners!
Seriously though, a great Paleo dessert when decadence calls! Enjoy...
And Have a great weekend!!! :)


  1. Hahaha that is funny Kim...but she is mine ;)

  2. Kelly, Can't wait to try these! thanks so much for all your great receipes, i have the stew in my croc pot right now. You are getting me thru the NSC paleo challenge.

  3. I tried your grilled tuna patties tonight but couldn't get them to stay together--- they just fell apart. I guess next time I'll try to drain them better? Any other thoughts?

    PS: Although they weren't in the shape of a patty, they were DE-LISH anyway!

  4. Kelsalynn, thanks for following the site! Yes, those tuna patties are tasty, but are tricky! I did squeeze out a little extra liquid when I was forming the patties (but not too much). I cooked them on a slightly lower temperature than I would a regular burger, and also had to add a little extra olive oil spray to prevent sticking. I definitely had to turn them over VERY gently. After the first flip, they tended to hold together a little better. Hope that helps a little for next time! :)

    Trisha, I'm so glad this is helping you out with the NSC paleo challenge! Good luck! :)

    Kim and Katie, I love you, too! hahaha

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