Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What is a Block?

There seem to be a lot of questions regarding what a food block is on the Zone. I am going to really simplify this, so I urge you to do some research on your own on this subject.
Carbohydrate-(9 grams of carb= 1 carb block) Most of your carbs should come from fruits and vegetables on the Zone. However, if measuring your carbs off of a label make sure you subtract the dietary fiber content from the total carbohydrate amount. Dietary fiber does not enter the bodies bloodstream, and therefore should not be included in the equation.
Protein-(7 grams of protein = 1 protein block) Protein blocks are made up primarily of meat, eggs and cheese. If you use lower fat versions of these you will be able to have a higher quantity. For example; ground turkey is 1 1/2 oz for each protein block with negligible fat content. Bacon is 1oz for 1 protein block with 5 times the fat.
Fat- (3 grams of fat= 1 fat block) Fat block should come from either monounsaturated (olive oil, nuts, avocados) or omega-3 fatty acids (cold water fish).
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Rachel said...

This was really helpful. Thank you. I really try my best, although, sometimes life gets the better of me. I know granola isn't good and has a lot of hidden calories but what about the nature kinds that don't have a lot of oils and extras put into them. I still think that a little is ok on cottage cheese? What and how much should I count it as because it doesn't have a label with all the breakdowns. It's from a Farmer's Market type place. Thanks. Great site!

Anonymous said...

I like to use GoLean Crunch in exchange for granola because it has fiber and is lower in calories and carbohydrates. :)

michele said...


i think a "little" of anything is okay in general. Granola has a lot of carbs so just make sure you are using it sparingly. A light sprinkling for taste is great! Thanks for the great comments!


Anonymous said...

'm confused... so if one block of protein is 7 grams then how come 1 ounce of beef is a block since 1 ounce is 28 grams?

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