Sunday, September 7, 2008


Sunday mornings are the one morning of the week that I like to sit down and have a big breakfast. I generally do not eat 3 block meals during the day, however, if I do have a big start like this I will eliminate my mid-morning snack.
Scramble- 3 blocks
1/2 green bell pepper (1/4 block)
1/2 red bell pepper (1/4 block)
1 cup leaf spinach stems cut off (1/4 block?)
Saute the first three ingredients in about 1 tsp olive oil until tender and wilted(1 block fat)
2 eggs beaten added to pepper/spinach mix (2 blocks protein)
1 oz mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top to finish (1 block protein/ 1 block fat)
2 pieces Orowheat Light bread toasted (1 block carb)
Post thoughts to comments.


  1. This looks "to die for"! Yummy... and, again, TWO slices of bread!!!!

  2. looks good. nice to see you don't adhere to paleo. orthorexia seems to be the latest trendy disease these days.

  3. Could you tell me a bit about the bread. Paleos and Zoners usually are so death to grains. Would Rob Wolff eat that stuff, or would he rather continue to fast?

  4. Anonymous-
    By no means am I "death to grain". However, I like to think of grains on the Zone pyramid on the same plain as sweets on the USDA pyramid. They should be used sparingly. The bread is Orowheat Light whole grain bread. The pieces are smaller than traditional bread, but the taste is pretty good. I am also a big fan of pita bread as well as whole wheat English muffins to add in grain carbs. As for Robb Wolff--you would have to pose that question to him...

  5. 2 slices of bread makes me feel like I'm doing something naughty......I love it! I'm gunna hit up Safeway for that stuff.....

  6. Shari,
    That is so funny, I thought the same thing (like this is too good to be true) I had to re-read the label 10 times, practically get out my calculator!

    I am so glad Michele "ok'd" it as well :)