Friday, September 4, 2009

Eggs & Sausage

These are my favorite breakfast sausages! I get them at Safeway. Zap them in the microwave for a minute while the eggs are cooking! Two sausages are 2 blocks fat and 1 block protein. This was a 3 block breakfast! 1/2 C egg beaters (scrambled) with 1 tsp. salsa, 2 Jones sausages, 3 almonds, and 2 C fresh fruit. Very filling!

This is the first weekend for the Zone/Paleo challenge... and for many of us, weekends are "challenging"! And... It's Labor Day weekend, to boot!! Plan for it! BYOP (bring your own Paleo).
I'll be wishing you much success over the weekend!
Post your challenges, and what you did to overcome!
Have a GREAT three day weekend!


  1. Post our challenges? OK, here's one... Has anyone out there ever been to Diamond Bakery in Los Angeles on Fairfax? It's the most delicious Jewish bakery in this town that we have been going to since we were kids. My mom just took me in there to get some bread for grandma and I can't tell you how difficult it was to not buy the things I would have bought. Wow. The breads. The pastry. The cakes. The sweets. Wow. I'll tell you what though, I didn't cheat today, but when I do have a cheat day I am going to Diamond Bakery.

  2. challenging.....oh lordy i am in the middle of complete kitchen remodel...try washing your veges in the that is appetizing! i just wanna get drunk and ignore it for the next two months but hell nooooooooooo! i am gonna keep on keeping on....

  3. Try having a birthday and having family and friends eat your cake! Ahhhh! The strawberries were VERY good! Thank God for strawberries! One week of clean eating down! YES!!!

  4. OMG... I'm laughing WITH you, not at you! Yes... those are some doozies!! So proud of you guys!!! Like Caitlin said... just keep on keepin' on....... :)

  5. If i can get past the 5 minute craving each day for a sweet or a crunchy its all good- then I just eat raw red meat and cooked vegetables all day long, or is it the other way around??