Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fruit Salad With Mint

I made a large fruit salad on Monday, and we've been enjoying it all week! It's been such a nice snack and mealtime companion! I have mint growing in my yard (like crazy right now), and so I always try to find ways to use it! I absolutely love it in fruit salads. It's a perfect & refreshing combination.

If you have any other ideas and uses for mint, I love to hear about it! I have a lot of mint that I'd love to utilize.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! The weather is suppose to be beautiful!
and.... GO SHARKS! :-)


Chelsea said...

Um....MOJITOS!! Making the simple syrup with honey, of course...

mallory said...

KELLY YOU'rE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! just thought i should say so :)

Kelly Greco said...

Chelsea... YES! On my list to try! :-))
Mallory... Love ya' girl. xoxo

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