Monday, June 30, 2008

Gotta Love Hummus

Snacks are a particular challenge on the Zone for many people. This is one of my new favorites! Pair this with a hard boiled egg or cheese stick and you are set with a great tasting and filling 1 block snack!
Celery and Hummus- 1 block
2 cups celery sticks ( 1 block carb)
2 tablespoons hummus ( 1 block fat) check your labels here- not all hummus is the same!
Make sure you add a protein to this to make it balanced.
Post thoughts and snack ideas to comments.


Anonymous said...

Okay if hummus is made mosly from chick peas then how is it a fat block? Is is the tahini?

13L90-W2 said...

Oil is used to make the hummus creamy. Like the blog says, check the lable, some use more oil that others. Love me some hummus!

michele said...

k9thatbites is right. There is generally not enough chick peas in one serving to count as a block of carbs, but you are counting the fat from the oils used in the hummus. Trader Joe's has some good varieties but watch any added ingredients as they may change the block count.

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