Monday, June 23, 2008

Quick and Easy

I have this combination for lunch a lot because it is so easy to throw together. Most people will not stick with healthy eating if they think it is hard to quick and easy is essential!
Toasted Turkey with Apples- 2 blocks
1/2 whole wheat English muffin (1 block carb)
1 1/2 oz sliced turkey (1 block protein)
1 slice lite Swiss cheese (1 block protein/ 1 block fat)
1/2 apple sliced (1 block carb)
3/4 tsp of peanut butter (1 block fat)
Post thoughts to comments.


Anonymous said...

Yum Michele- I agree!

Is there a list of cheeses that fall into the 1 B protein only or a combo 1 B protein/1 B fat?

Otherwise, I am sure it is just a label thing, right?

Anonymous said...

Another good one Michele, thanks. I subbed the swish for low fat mozzarella and the peanut butter with avocado (I know you hate them :)). Although I can see where the peanut butter would be nice on the apples.

Unknown said...

Looks Yummy Michele, I want this for lunch!!

michele said...

Mozzarella has no fat blocks and is probably the "cheese of choice". I use Swiss to add some variety. You can use any that you like, just beware that they may contain your fat quota for your whole meal...

Skip- Good subs...but your right...I HATE avacado, which is a real bummer for me on the Zone!

Anonymous said...

yum. michele, your easy and great looking recipes could just make me do the zone. darn you.

michele said...

We'll get you yet Annie! Although you on the Zone kinda scares me a little!

TexasPatrick said...

Hold on, turkey is 1.5 oz per block? Man, I need to read closer . . .

My basic lunch is a variation on this, usually I go all caveman and do straight meat, two apples (or apple, orange, etc.) and however many almonds it takes to make up my fat blocks.

michele said...

deli sliced turkey is 1.5 oz per it sounds like you get a little extra!

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