Friday, June 27, 2008

To Shake or Not to Shake?

There are many different philosophies regarding protein shakes and "Zone" type smoothies out there. I will tell you that having a shake at night before I go to bed has helped curb my sweets cravings and fills me up before I go to sleep. I use ProZone because it is already balanced and I do not have to think about measuring anything. However, there are many different types of protein powders that will allow you the freedom to add in your own flavors. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one...
Zone Shake
3 tablespoons of ProZone
1 cup milk
10-15 ice cubes (more ice will make it thicker so make it to your liking)
Post thoughts to comments.


B-Boy said...

Glad to see the trick still works for you!! Where did you get your protein ? Does jack at Vitamin Center carry it again ???

Way to go Michele!!

michele said...


Good to hear from you! I love this stuff! And yes, Jack is carrying this again!

Take care

Brendhan said...

Thanks for this great site. I'm just starting down the zone road and have found this to be really helpful.

How many blocks is this shake? Are you using 2% milk? Any other thoughts on where to buy the powder?

thanks again.

michele said...

The shake is 3 blocks if you use 2% milk and 2 blocks if you use water. I recommend milk for taste and consistency. I get mine at the Vitamin Center, but you can also order it online from ProZone.
Thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...

if you have this before bed and it is 3 many blocks are you having throughout the day? i'd assume that's a pretty big night time portion of your entire zone blockage for the day. and i heard that you shouldn't eat 2-3 hours before going to bed...any thoughts on that?

michele said...

I do allow for the 3 blocks in the rest of my day by making breakfast and lunch 2 blocks each. This works for me because I tend to be hungrier later in the day. As far as eating before bed from the research I have done there is some leeway on this. I tend to have a shake about an hour before bed, but if that is too soon then do what works for you. I would not recommend having a large meal right before bed, but a shake is more filling and less heavy to me. The whole point of the late night snack is to keep you in the Zone during the night as much as possible.

Brendhan said...

Hi again-bought the powder and I'm liking it. Am I "allowed" to do the following if I want to up this do 4 blocks: Drop in 1/3 banana and 1/3 tsp. coconut oil? (I'll eat a points worth of protein on the side).

Sorry for the stupid question-just trying to figure this all out.

michele said...

Glad to hear you are liking the ProZone. You can add anything you like to it to increase your blocks. You are right in assuming you need to up everything by one block to make sure it is balanced! The possibilities are endless...I hear peanut butter is great in these!

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