Monday, June 9, 2008


Welcome to the newest addition to the CFSCC site! We are adding this link to our existing site to try and supply both information and support regarding the Zone, Paleo, and other nutritional choices of eating. Our hope is create a place where people can get support, ideas and encouragement, as well as finding information and motivation. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge within our community, so please feel free to share any information you think may be helpful to others. Enjoy!

Recipe : Flank Steak Salad (2) 3 block servings for a meal)
6 cups of mixed greens
1/2 cup kidney beans
2 1/2 cups sauteed green and red bell peppers
6 oz flank steak cut into small strips
1/4 cup feta cheese
olive oil/ balsamic dressing to coat

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Michele and CFSCC for providing this information! As you know I will be "Zoning" in 2 weeks so keep the recipes coming :).

Unknown said...

I love it! Dwayne and I Zoned hard for awhile and then the cheat days overtook the Zone ones. Oooops! Needless to say- we felt heavier and slower and our performance suffered off of the Zone. Now we're back at'll definitely be hearing from us here and seeing our backs in the gym. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome Michele! Can't wait to get tips, advice, and share!

saberific said...

Marshall and devoured this wonderfully declicious meal! It was easy to make and very filling. Lauren's friend, Natalie, loved it, too. Thanks so much for posting this. It really helps a lot!

Kater said...

I am excited to see if I can finally figure out how to really do the Zone and stick to it.

michele said...

Good to hear from everyone! Let me know if you try any recipes that you would like to share...

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