Sunday, October 25, 2009


Going along with the theme from Santa Cruz Central, here are my EXCUSES for not blogging Thursday and Friday:

Thursday...Narine's Birthday! So, we celebrated at the Point Chop House!
But we did well, thanks to a wonderful menu that's caters nicely to Paleo-Zoners.

These salads were wonderful! Grilled skirt steak salad, prawn cobb salad, and ahi tuna salad!
Thanks, Josh for taking good care of the crossfitters! :)

Friday.... One word, Fran! Can anyone really be expected to do anything after Fran?
Okay, we did have some friends over for dinner. It was a well deserved cheat meal, and celebration. We all got new Fran PR's!

Hope your weekend was filled with wonderful EXCUSES!!!!

P.S. Narine, I probably would NOT have had that second glass of wine Thursday night, if I knew Fran was the next day! Way to keep that under wraps!
Happy Birthday!


Narine CFSV said...

Kelly I had no idea Fran was on the menu. And speaking of menu, the salads at the Point are great but you weren't supposed to show all the drinks.

Katie A. said...

What a fun night. Good food and laughs all around. The Point is a place I'll have to remember next "date night". Hmmm I do have a 40th coming up.....

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