Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scott's Stir Fry

Scott cooked dinner tonight! As much as I love to cook... It is SO nice not to have to cook! I went to a 6pm CrossFit and came home to a great stir fry!
He sauteed garlic and shallots in some olive oil. He added the broccoli first, and then added chopped kale, sliced yellow and red peppers. Lastly he added the shrimp! It was very good... I loved the peppers!! I don't really know his exact measurements... He said he kind of just threw this together! But it IS paleo! :-)

*Paleo/Zone challenge is ending!!! This is so exciting... Please be at the gym this Sunday at 12:30 with your final stats AND ready to take your "after" picture. If you can remember... wear exactly what you wore for your initial picture!!! If you have a benchmark workout that you REALLY need to do... come in and ask one of the trainers to run that special wod for you!!! Your information sheets are in the gym (the food log box)... check your stats. This is an important piece of the challenge. Good luck & we'll see you on Sunday!

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