Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Coconut Bliss" to the Rescue

I've mentioned the "Coconut Bliss" bars in the past, but did you know they have several varieties of pint size frozen desserts? I can not begin to tell you how wonderful this stuff is! What a great alternative for ice cream! When you have that stubborn "sweet tooth" or just really need to tickle the taste buds, I highly recommend trying some Coconut Bliss! You can find it at Whole Foods and at New Leaf Markets. It's dairy free, soy free, gluten free, sugar free, low glycemic, and all organic & fair trade ingredients! I mean these folks thought of everything! Did I mention it tastes great? Tonight I had their Cherry Amaretto (only 1/4 C) and I promise you it left me blissfully satisfied! Totally Paleo ingredients, and conscientiously made! ...I love it!
Zone blocks: 2F, 0P, 1C (in 1/4 C).
Check out their web site for more information and available flavors:

Enjoy! :-)


Caroline said...

Oh my gosh, I have been dying for a paleo dessert, and this sounds wonderful! I will definitely be making a trip to whole foods tomorrow after work to check it out.

Did you eat the ice cream with anything else, or have it by itself?

Kelly Greco said...

Caroline, it is just delicious!
I ate it just by it's wonderful self! :-)
Hope you enjoy!

Becca said...

They are also on sale at Nob Hill! I can't wait to try them once I'm through nursing!

Unknown said...

From a more scientific perspective, “liquid death” is probably a fitting term for Agave Nectar...I'll be the buzz killer for coconut bliss and all other products with this stuff. Please read for your own health.

I have thick skin..enjoy your treat!

Kelly Greco said...

I'm going to have to nick-name you: "Chuck O NO!" Hahaha! Seriously, thank you for the info. That's what these blogs are for! :-) "Liquid death" seems a bit hash. I have followed some negative opinions on agave nectar. It is definitely something to take note of. I certainly would agree that is should NOT be a regular substitute for sugar!
However... I follow pretty strict paleo and 1/4 C of this frozen dessert once per week or every other week... well... I'm gonna enjoy it!! :-)
I still believe "Coconut Bliss" is an extremely conscientiously made product!!
Keep it comin', Chuck! I love your input on the blog!! ~Kelly

Kiley said...

Hi Kelly & Chuck,
This is Kiley from Coconut Bliss and I wanted to add our 2¢ to the agave discussion. We have 3 articles that we feel address the negative health claims that have been circulating about agave:

Agave is still a sweetener and I agree that it should not be consumed in large quantities, but neither should any sweetener.
Blissful Regards,

Unknown said...

The "Liquid Death" is from RW, I'll have to give him credit for that.

BTW...CB is tasty:)

Kiley said...

Thanks Chuck, I totally agree :)

Kelly Greco said...

Thank you, Kiley, for your input!!! :-)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am so enamored by this product!! I have angioedema and a gluten sensitivity that was enhanced during my pregnancy. I spent 9 months craving chocolate and ice cream and tried many dairy, gluten and preservative free brands. None of them are as tasty or satisfying as these. Our stores don't carry very many flavors locally but I am dying to get my hands on that Cherry Amaretto. Thanks for allowing google to locate your blog. Finding safe foods is quite a challenge and I abhorre hospital beds. Thanks Coconut Bliss. Happy snacking!!😀

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