Monday, September 8, 2008

Taco Pocket

This is a variation on the classic taco salad. This would make a great 3 block lunch as well.
Taco Pocket- 3 blocks
1 pita pocket divided (2 blocks carbs)
3 oz turkey taco meat 1 1/2 oz in each pocket (2 blocks protein)
2 cups mixed greens (1/2 block carbs)
1/8 cup kidney beans (1/2 block carbs)
1 oz cheddar cheese (1 block protein/ 3 blocks fat)
I mixed the salad in a bowl and divided it evenly into each pocket. Post thoughts to comments.


CT Kirks said...

Hi All,
I am attempting to become one with the Zone. After reading stuff on your site, crossfit site, and the nutrition site (which is a bit over my head right now, but I'm learning), I've seen that for some people it was suggested to double or trebble the fat blocks and cut the carb blocks.
How does one know what to adjust, etc.

I'm supposed to have 18 blocks per day. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Also, thank you so much for creating this site and sharing the recipes.


PS - I posted on the August 5th Turkey Meatball page, meant to post here!

Anonymous said...

From what I've read in CrossFit journal, you pretty much want to stick with the straight Zone Rx until your body fat % drops below 10%. Between 5-10% body fat is where folks typically begin boosting their fat blocks to stabilize and maintain adequate energy. I haven't heard of people dropping their carb blocks.

By the way, those Taco Pockets look GOOD...

michele said...

David- The zone can be bit complicated at first so I highly recommend sticking to the basics when you first start. If you are trying to lose weight I would stay strict with your fat blocks. Once you have reached your goal weight you can start adding in a little extra fat if you are feeling hungry after a meal. Maintenance may take a little fine tuning as far as your ratios. Stay strict for at least the first two weeks and try not to eat out if you can help it...too many tempatations and large portions. Good luck and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! Stay strong David!!!

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