Friday, September 5, 2008

Tuna Fish

Thanks to Whitney Stoner of CFSCC for turning me on to Orowheat Light bread. Yes...that is two slices of bread on that sandwich! Two slices are 1 carb block...YEAH! There are many options to add to your tuna fish. I like mine with relish which is negligible unless you add quite a bit. However, if you mix in ingredients that are higher in carbs, make sure you count them in your overall block count.
Tuna Fish- 2 blocks
2 slices Orowheat Light bread- (1 block carb)
2 TB tuna fish mixed with 2 tsp light mayonnaise(2 block protein/ 2 blocks fat)
1/2 apple slices (1 block carbs)
Post thoughts to comments.


Shari Baby said...

I swear Michele....I want to eat at your house! You always make such great meals, even though they're not crazy hard, you make them look delicious! I have to give them all a try.

michele said...

I am looking for some input coming soon from our resident gourmet Zoner! My meals are very simple, but yours sound amazing! Anytime you want to send us one of your creations with a picture I will gladly post it my friend!

Anonymous said...

OK... I've had it. Eating junk for the last month, I felt like I was going to die during today's workout! Thanks to Shari, who is always so helpful and inspiring, I'm back on track (and survived the workout).

Michele, I had this for lunch today and I feel better already. Thanks for the great food ideas!

Blake said...

Hey Michele,

Where can you buy the Oroweheat Light bread?

michele said...

I get it at Safeway so I am sure that most grocery chains would carry it.

Dolly- thanks for the kind words! I am scared to see you on the'll be kickin all our butts!

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