Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pot Roast with Wine & Tomatoes

Once again I am grateful to my crock pot! It is truly my Paleo lifesaver on busy days! I was feeling pretty accomplished... a PR on my clean & jerk AND dinner done... all by 11:00 am! This allowed me to spend the rest of my day running errands and running my kids around to their multiple Tuesday functions... without worrying about dinner!

I used about a 4 lb beef chuck shoulder roast
1 T olive oil
black pepper
course sea salt (optional)
1 onion, sliced
5 cloves garlic
1 can (14.5 oz) stewed tomatoes (no added salt)
1/2 C red wine

Sprinkle roast with ground black pepper and a little sea salt (if desired). Heat olive oil in a skillet on medium-high heat and sear meat on all sides. When browned, add to crock pot. Add onions to skillet and saute until tender. Add red wine to skillet and quickly deglaze pan, and add to crock pot. Pour stewed tomatoes over roast and scatter with garlic cloves. Cover and slow cook on low for 5-6 hours.
I served this meal with sliced sweet potatoes (which I baked in the oven for 45 minutes at 375 degrees) and steamed artichokes. A 3oz portion of roast (with some sauce), about 1/2 sweet potato, and 1 artichoke is only about a 4 block meal! Hope you enjoy! :-)

I happened to notice a lot of PR's on the board today from those in the Zone/Paleo challenge!


neile said...

Congrats on your PR Kelly! Very impressive!!!! And that pot roast looks/sounds so good I can practically taste it. We must dig out our crock pot, stat. Thanks!!

mrsmommyb said...

sweet! more wine! ;) what was the PR? or did i miss it on the blog?

Kelly Greco said...

Thanks you guys! Sakura, my PR was 108# (not a super impressive number)... but It was a personal barrier that I really wanted (needed) to break! :-)
It felt so good.

Miriam said...

So proud of you Kelly! Way to crack that weight.

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