Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Athlete Profile: Rory Graetch

Rory Graetch is our 2nd Paleo Challenge winner! He came into the challenge fairly new to crossfit. He dedicated himself to the Paleo plan for 3 months and did extremely well! His goals going into the challenge were to lose weight and get push ups and pull ups! Rory is a big guy and body weight movements were a struggle.

Rory's commitment to the Paleo challenge and crossfit paid off! His transformation was obvious to those around him! You could see Rory slimming down before your very eyes! Rory has lost over 15 pounds and his performance strides certainly gained him recognition! Yes, he can do push ups and pull ups!!!

Here are his benchmark stats:

Start: 14:10 (jumping pull ups)
End: 9:10 (still jumping, some kipping)

1 RM Deadlift
Start: 365#
end: 415#

400m Run
Start: 2:04
End: 1:23 .... WOW!

Congratulations, Rory! It's been amazing watching your transformation! Keep up the great work. You've been a true inspiration and I know you have a LOT more in you! ... You've already earned a reputation as one incredible rower!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rory! It's been great seeing your progress in the gym. Look out French ladies. Have a great trip.

P.S. the word verification I had to enter to post this comment was "rowee", perhaps a fitting new nickname?


neile said...

NICE Rory!!!! Congrats!!

p.s. my word verification was "forishag"

Scott said...

Congratulations Rory. I've had the pleasure of watching your improvements over the last 4 months. What I find most impressive is that you're a hell of a good person. You make the class you attend a better class. You work hard and never give up. The proof is in the results.

My word is sillut

Greg A. said...

Great work Rory! I watched your progress in the gym and I too am amazed! Congratulations! Awesome before and after stats! Damn you Jackie!!!!!

My word: adlyboct Wow, ok.

Annie said...

Your hard work and dedication are awesome. If only we all could be so determined.

sustog--and it was written in a color that matched my outfit!

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