Friday, May 8, 2009

Athlete Profile...Kelly Greco

One of the suggestions when I asked what bloggers wanted on the site was to have athlete profiles. These are athletes at CFSCC that have had real, marked and noticeable results with changing their nutrition. The first person that came to mind for me (and many others) is Kelly Greco. Kelly began Crossfitting less than a year ago, and did very well. However, when she began zoning she took off! Here are some of her stats:
Pull Ups- started with zero and now has 17 kipping;
Push Ups- started on knees and now has 40 chest to deck
Clean and Jerk- 105# (she does not weigh much more than that!)
Back Squat- 141#
Fran- Pre-zone 16:14- Post-zone 12:12
400 meter run- pre-zone 1:48 post-zone- 1:38
Multiple no feet rope climbs!!!
Kelly has come a long way, but her current goals are: muscle up, body weight clean and jerk, 10 HSPU, and a sub 10 min Fran. I think she will be checking off a few of those very soon!
Thanks for being such and inspiration to so many Kelly!


Sarah said...

Way to go Kelly!!!!! I'm sure that you will have most if not all of your goals reached soon at the rate your going! I look forward to hearing about others in the future Michele!

Anonymous said...


I can't believe how much fun it is to work out with you. I think the best part is your overall attitude and smile girl! Your strength is also amazing! Keep up the great work. You are such an inspiration!

Unknown said...

It has been amazing to watch all of your achievements, Kelly. It is definitely because of your hard work and perserverence that you have come so far in so little time. Keep it up.

The White Rabbit said...

Wow, Kelly. You are totally inspiring. NICE work!!

kelly said...

Thanks everyone!!!
Michele, you have been such an incredible resource! I appreciate your help and encouragement with the zone as well as your motivation in the gym. You are truly a wonderful trainer, inspiring athlete, and great friend!

I also LOVE and am inspired DAILY by all the wonderful athletes and trainers at CFSCC! I feel SOOOO fortunate to a part of such a wonderful organization!

Thank you Michele for your kind words! I look forward to hearing about others, too! I totally believe CrossFit + Zone = results! I thank CrossFit for changing my life, and I thank the ZONE for changing my CrossFit!! :)

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