Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paleo Breakfast

This was sent to me by Jon Varese of CFSCC. He attended the nutrition certification with Robb Wolf recently and has been experimenting with "Zone-Paleo" meals. Basically Zone-Paleo would entail eating Paleo type foods but still weighing and measuring your portions. This is an example of a 4 block breakfast.
4 eggs (4 blocks protein)
1 cup strawberries (1 block carbs)
1 yam (3 blocks carbs)
grassfed butter (2-3 blocks fat)
Thanks Jon for the great photo and let us know how you are feeling! Post thoughts to comments.


MarcusH said...

I'm curious how this is zone-paleo. I know that yams can be eaten post-workout per the Paleo for Athletes and other recommendations, but what about the butter?

Don't get me wrong, it looks absolutely delicious though!

Eric Tuley said...

Michelle let me ask.. because those strawberries look huge. When you say a cup of strawberries, do you measure them to be 8oz in weight.. or just what fits in a measuring cup. This is what keeps getting me off track on zone measuring.

michele said...

Eric and Marcus- First and foremost since this is not my meal, I cannot speak for Jon. However, here are my thoughts. Marcus- you are corrent about yams being a great source of carbs for both zone and paleo. The butter is not the best choice for a fat, but it is a fat all the same on the zone. Paleo would prefer no dairy, so olive oil with seasonings may be a better option.
Eric- I generally cut my strawberries in pieces and measure out a cup.
Thanks guys!

Jonny V. said...

Hey guys . . . sorry I didn't see this until now because I was away. Yes, strictly speaking, you would skip the butter for strict paleo . . . olive oil would be better. But Robb Wolf said I could have butter, so there you go! The point with the butter was the grass-fed-ness of it. When you have grass-fed dairy products, it's much better because it means that the cows were not fed on grain, which is gluten, which eventually makes its way into your system. It's why many people who are allergic to wheat are also allergic to dairy (or have problems with it).

Regarding the strawberries, I just shove them in a cup, and if it goes over then I'm fine with that. Yes, these were particularly huge -- amazing that they were organic.

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