Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Ya Feelin'?

The Zone (or paleo for that matter) are not a one size fits all nutrition plan. I think it is really important to do a "self check" every so often. Minor tweeks can make a big difference! So...that being are you feeling? If you are low on energy, check your fat. If you are hungry all the time, check your blocks. If you are lethargic, check your carbs. As you get more familiar with your eating you need to make the changes necessary to get the most benefit from it. Post thoughts to comments.

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Kelly said...

I've learned (recently) how true this is!! When I was strict (weigh/measure) zone at 11 blocks/day I definitely got leaner fairly immediately... My work outs were improving, too! However, I was getting really fatigued and having a hard time maintaining energy! I also noticed perhaps a plateau in strength?! For the last 3 or so weeks, I've doubled my fat, upped my blocks to 12, and increased my carbs after the workout. I feel soooo much better! I have also seen an improvement with my strength!!!! Some new pr's recently! :) I also have gained 3 - 4 lbs (which was freaking me out a little).... I'm still tweaking things a bit, but I know this zoning stuff WORKS! :)

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