Monday, January 4, 2010

Athlete Profile: Lisa Holden

Lisa was one of our "overall" winners for the Paleo-Zone Challenge! She amazed us with her performance improvements in the gym as well as her obvious physical changes! She successfully followed the Zone diet for the three month challenge and lost a total of 9 pounds! Lisa was fairly new to CrossFit when starting the challenge and just absolutely "took-off". It was easy to see something was working!!! Even more impressive with Lisa, was that she was nursing 18 month old twin girls! She had to increase her daily zone blocks and up her fat a bit at each meal to maintain the nutritional needs for a nursing mother. She said, for her, getting started was the most difficult part, and took about 4 weeks into the challenge before it started to get easier.

Look at Lisa's stats!!!
400m run-
1:45 to 1:31

16:24 (with bands) to 12:52 RX

120# to 170#'s !

During the challenge Lisa got kipping pull-ups, sustainable chest-deck push ups, rope climbs, and her first HSPU with 1 mat!

Goals for 2010:
Lisa wants to maintain a manageable healthful diet, with zone principles... that is fun, fresh and balanced! She wants to get HSPU's without a mat, a muscle up, continue to increase her weights and overall strength, and (this was particularly important to her) improve her endurance!

Amazing Lisa! Congratulations on your success. You are an inspiration and I know you'll accomplish your goals! Keep up the great work!!!


neile said...

Wow, Lisa!! That is really impressive. Congratulations on all of your successes. You are very inspiring, keep it up!!

scott said...

Very nice job Lisa. I always enjoy working out with you in the class. You've always got a smile and always try your best. Your improvements have been amazing. Especially when you consider all those improvements happened in only 3 months. Great job on this challenge!

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