Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Compare and Contrast

The photo above shows the difference between the USDA Food Pyramid which is what most of us grew up learning, and the Zone Food Pyramid ( I apologize for the poor quality of the photo, but I wanted a side by side comparison). The vast difference at the top and bottom of the pyramid are a large reason why so many people struggle with their weight and energy levels. I would love to hear your comments on this one! Let me know if and how the Zone has changed your health. Post thoughts to comments.


Unknown said...

Without even being strict, I can notice a difference in my eating habits (desires, quantities, qualities). I have fewer 'cravings', I am eating less food and feeling more satisfied and the quality of the food I do feel like eating has gone up. I don't know about my mental clarity or my mood swings being any better, but that's just the baby hormones....(sorry Jake--and everyone at work!)

mrsmommyb said...


i was looking in to grass-fed beef. do you use any particular meats? or do you just use lean cuts of chicken and beef? also, is there a significant difference if one were to use the grass-fed beef?


Anonymous said...

I started zoning more strictly since I came across this site after the Crossfit games. I had definitely noticed I was at a huge disadvantage against all the other competitors due to excess weight and not always eating quality food. I always ate well and by no means am I heavy, but I think that portion size had always been a struggle for me. Since measuring almost all my food, I've been able to better portion my food. In addition, I've been eating more food but lower calorie content and better quality. Last night, I did a stir fry variation (since I don't eat beef) and substituted tofu and egg in for my protein! AND, I've been trying to get my boyfriend to eat healthier and I know he's feeling better and more satisfied after eating a Zoned meal. Unfortunately, I didn't take an initial weight, measurements or benchmark workout, but I know I'm feeling better in my clothes. I don't get as fatigued and I'm actually recovering better than I have before (which has always been a MAJOR problem for me). Unfortunately (and fortunately), I leave for Italy on Saturday. I plan on having a good time and experiencing good food, without taking too many steps backwards.

Anonymous said...

Any tips when travling for 2+ weeks?

michele said...

I do make an effort to eat organic meats. They are pretty easy to find anywhere now. as far as being grass fed, I can't say that I have done much research on that one. Let me know if you find anything interesting!

michele said...


I am glad to hear the Zone is working so well for you. The longer you stay on it...the better you feel. As far as your vacation goes...Italy could be a tough place to Zone strict. Try your best, but by all means...enjoy your vacation!

Eva T. said...

A great book to read is the PROTIEN POWER LIFE PLAN. The difference between grass fed and regular and even organic meats is huge. It has to do with the balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fats. We want omega 3's and we want to limit omega 6. The ratio in non grass fed meat is 1 omega 3 fat to 11 omega 6. Grass fed in contrast is 1 omega 3 fat to 3 omega 6! This is the balance of meats as they were when we hunted them. Don't get confused with grass fed and organic. Organic can be an industrial and commercial trick these days, as they have recently produced organic frozen pizza?!!! are you kidding me?
The downfall of grass fed beef is that it is hard to find. you can get it on line, and have it delivered. a bit pricey. once in a while tj's will have grass fed burger meat. Be careful cooking it as well, it needs much less heat and time over the fire. Hope this helps.

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