Monday, August 11, 2008

Yummy Lunch or Quick Dinner

I have this on nights that I don't feel like making a big dinner. You can vary the ingredients depending upon your likes and dislikes. Very simple and filling!
Chicken Quesadilla- 3 blocks
1 whole wheat carb balance tortilla-(1 block carb/ 1 block fat)
2 oz roasted chicken- (2 blocks protein)
1 oz mozzarella shredded (1 block protein/ 1 block fat)
1/2 red bell pepper thinly sliced (1/4 block carb)
1/4 cup black beans rinsed (1 block carb)
1/2 apple sliced (1 block carb)
olive oil to crisp tortilla- (1 block fat)
Post thoughts to comments.


Anonymous said...

M - How many times can I vote for chocolate?

LW said...

After having several meals worth, I have decided steel cut oats are diesel fuel for humans.


Shari Baby said...

This looks like a great one for tonights dinner. Thanks Michelle!!!

I have several awesome recipes that I'll share. Now I just need to get a picture of them too :) Thanks for the site.


Anonymous said...

I was feeling like Indian food so I found this pre made all natural sauce at New Leaf in fridge section (Maya Kaimal Indian Coconut Curry) that I simmered with Tj's organic chicken breast tenders, then added at the end 1 pkg of stir fried (to thaw) TJ's Asian Veggies (ditching the included sauce packet).I measured out 3 oz chicken and had half of the veggies. I calculated the sauce at 1.5 blocks carb and 4 blks fat and the veggies at 1.5 blocks carb. Super easy, quick and tasty.

michele said...

Kimmy- you can vote as many times as you would like...just don't eat any!!!

Len- I am right there with you on the steel cut oats! they are such a great staple!

Shari- I would love to have you send along some of your yummy recipes! I know you have a ton of them. Thanks for the support girly!

Row- yet another creative dish by the Zone wizard. I am coming over to your house for dinner to get some new ideas! Thanks for passing along all your great ideas.

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