Thursday, May 28, 2009

Paleo/ Zone...

I have been cutting way back on my intake of dairy...however....this burger was just crying for a piece of Swiss cheese. Minus the cheese this meal is much more Paleo than Zone, so if you want to Zone it you will need to add fat and a few more carbs. As is this 3 blocks of protein and about 1 block carbs. Post thoughts to comments.


The White Rabbit said...

Hey Michele,

How much dairy have you cut out and what has it done for you?

Also, we made Rachel's lemon rosemary chicken and it was WONDERFUL. So, thanks for posting and thanks, Rachel, for the recipe. Oh and thanks to MOAK for the rosemary!


michele said...

Neile- I have cut out almost all dairy except: 1 cup of milk in my Zone shakes at night and a little half and half in my coffee. I must say that I have noticed a difference. I have leaned down a bit for sure and I feel better overall using a more protein source rather than dairy for my protein.

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