Monday, August 4, 2008


I get a lot of questions about the breakdown of different types of cheese. I have listed the one's that I use most frequently, however, there are MANY other varieties to choose from.

Cheddar- 1 oz= 3 blocks fat/ 0 blocks carb/ 1 block protein
Parmesan- 1 oz- 2 blocks fat/ 0 carbs/ 1 block protein
Swiss- 1 oz= 2 blocks fat/ 0 carbs/ 1 block protein
Mozzarella= 1 oz= 0 fat/ 0 carbs/ 1 block protein
Pepperjack- 1 oz= 2 blocks fat/ 0 carbs/ about 1 block protein

The mozzarella I use is low fat, but all others are not. Using the low fat version will change these numbers beware of that. I tend to like the flavor of the real thing better, so I use less if need be. Hope this helps! Post thoughts to comments.


Anonymous said...

This is really helpful.. One question- I eat the reduced fat mozzeralla sticks and they still have 4 grams of fat. I haven't seen any that are lower. So would this be considered 1 block protein and 1 fat?

michele said...

You are correct that your sticks would be 1 fat and 1 protein. Check out some other brands, however, because you can find some with lower fat content. Most I have seen have around 2- 2.5 per stick.

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