Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Taco Salad

Turkey Taco Salad- 3 blocks
3 cups romaine lettuce (1/3 block carbs)
3 oz turkey taco meat (2 blocks protein)
1/4 cup corn (1 block carb)
1/4 cup kidney beans (1 block carbs)
1 oz cheddar cheese (1 block protein/ 3 blocks fat)
Post thoughts to comments.


TexasPatrick said...


Taco salads are a great one because dinner for me is very often some sort of salad. I like taco salads because I can make up the meat in large batches and then use it over a couple days (yes, I'm one of those who can eat the same thing for several days running).

Anonymous said...

Michele- just wanted to let you know how awesome your blog is! I have really enjoyed looking through all of your past posts and checking out new recipe ideas. I am actually about to start a small Zone catering biz at our gym, CrossFit Decatur, GA, so this gives me alot of new and fun things to throw around. It's really nice to take what others have made up and twist around the ingredients...or just keep it the same! New perspectives on Zone foods are always a great thing. And thank you a million times over for adding all of the block info- I am sure you have seen the Zone website recipes, which don't always include that...and are sometimes WAY off or very difficult to follow. Anyway, thanks again. This is such a great tool for seasoned Zoners, and newbies alike!

michele said...

Patrick- right there with you on the taco salad thing! Always a great standby in my house!

Kelly- Thanks so much for the kind words. I would love to have you photo any great recipes your using and we can put them on the site! Keep me posted how it is going for you!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely do that! I have a Zoned "Cupcake" (believe it or not) that is to die for...

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