Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pita Pizza

One of my favorites! Change up the topping to suit your likings.
Pita Pizza- 2 blocks
1 whole wheat pita (2 blocks carbs)
1 TB pizza sauce (negligible)
Green and red bell pepper slices (totaling 1/4 pepper) (negligible)
9 turkey pepperoni slices (1/2 block protein/ 1 block fat)
1 1/2 oz mozzarella cheese (1 1/2 blocks protein/ 1/2 block fat)
Post thoughts to comments.


Anonymous said...

Do your kids know they are eating healthy? Look's like they have it good. Any recipes for the fall favorite...pumpkin that do not include a cup of sugar?

Anonymous said...

This looks like an awesome snack as well. I am always looking for good 2 block snacks. I assume an uncooked pizza could be frozen ?


michele said...

Clif- No my kids have no idea and if you tell them I will find you!!

Skip- Great snack and would be really simple to make a few and freeze ahead.

Anonymous said...

I also use a low carb flat bread and don't forget to crisp up the pita or whatnot in the oven before you put the toppings on it... yummy crispy crust :)

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