Thursday, September 11, 2008

Turkey Melt

Turkey Melt- 2 blocks
2 slices Orowheat Light bread- (1 block carbs)
2 oz sliced turkey (1 block protein)
1 slice Swiss cheese (1 block protein/ 2 blocks fat)
1/2 apple sliced ( 1 block carbs)
Post thoughts to comments.


Tia Vivi said...

Turkey Melt easy and delicious!
Question: Is cheese always considered 1 protein 2 fat in the Zone world?

michele said...

Vivian- It depends upon the type of cheese. mozzarella is generally 1 block of protein, cheddar is 1 block protein and 3 blocks of fat per oz etc...Make sure you check your labels on cheese. The type you use makes a difference! thanks for the great question Vivian

CT Kirks said...

Thanks Michele for the reply. Today is day 3! I love the idea of the Turkey Melt. I plan on that for the weekend. I am taking this one day at a time. I may get healthy yet. I remember that nutrition is the base of the pyramid and that with junky food, I will get non optimal results. I do remember a time when my body craved the good food (that was back around 1994) and I am hoping to get back to that point. Again, I appreciate your time and effort maintaining this blog and hope you don't mind me checking in to keep me honest.
I have been writing down everything I eat and weighing and measuring most things. I've been erring on the conservative side, which I think is ok in the short term; I liken it to "Hell" week.
Starting stats by the way are 278 lbs, 34%BF. According to the Zone I'm an 18 blocker (exercise 3 times per week).

Anonymous said...

Where do you find that kind of bread? Bakery or at the grocery store?? I'm in Missouri maybe that's why I can't find it?

michele said...

I get Orowheat Light bread at Safeway out west. It would be comparable to Kroegers or look your closest big chain. Hope that helps! You can also try Milton's bread if you can not find the Orowheat.

Anonymous said...

thanks michele! I'll be on the lookout for it!

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