Thursday, November 6, 2008

Enchilada Casserole

This is a great crockpot recipe! It was a little hard to Zone off the original recipe, but I think it is pretty close. I figured this makes about 9 servings in the crockpot at 3 blocks of protein. 2 blocks of carbs and 2 blocks of fat per serving. The salad balanced that out.
Cook one pound of ground turkey with 2 cloves minced garlic. Set aside. Pour 1 can mild enchilada sauce in a shallow dish and coat 1 whole wheat tortilla with sauce. Place coated tortilla in the bottom of the crockpot. Layer 1 can black beans (rinsed), ground turkey, 1 can sliced black olives, 1 cups reduced fat Mexican cheese blend. Pour 1/2 can of enchilada sauce over the layers and place another coated tortilla on top of that. pour remaining half of enchilada sauce over the top and sprinkle another 1/2 cup of cheese. Cook on low for 3-4 hours.
Ingredients Needed:
Ground turkey
1 can black beans
1 can sliced black olives
2 can mild enchilada sauce
1 package of reduced fat Mexican cheese blend
1 pkg whole wheat carb balance tortillas.


Anonymous said...

Wow... this sounds great! I need crock pot recipes! Thank you thank you thank you!

Jonny V. said...

Now that does look pretty darn good.

Sorry for my disappearance people. I've just been inundated with work an other matters. Well, as the self-professed dinner committer, I am not setting the best example, as after Tara's class tonight I went and had a burger at Betty's. But I zoned it as much as possible and renounced the fries completely! It actually was pretty zone: 8 oz. patty, bun, lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, and their weird mayo sauce. So a little heavy on the protein, but after those heavy shoulder presses, I was craving it.

At least this blog is keeping me honest, and I have to say I'm thinking about it (the blog) all day long. My day today was pretty much perfect: one of my 3-block shakes for breakfast, chicken and cheese snack with an apple, 2 eggs and 2 slices turkey bacon with an oat-bran muffin for lunch, a quick Zone bar snack before the workout. Then the burger. This is all much better than the pasta and french fries that I could be eating (and want to eat), and as you-know-who said, tomorrow is another day.

Glad you are feeling great Dave. It's no surprise. Of course you're feeling great! I haven't drunk coffee for about 10 years now and that really did have a powerful effect on me. Now I only drink it as "dessert" if I have some nice dinner, which is maybe about once or twice a month tops. Sshhh . . . don't tell Michelle, but I think coffee is pretty evil.

Will report again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Aha ! Another coffee hater...I am watching you Jon :). Just kidding, keep up the good work and please stop describing your Betty burgers I have a weak constitution...

michele said...

Kelly- I love my crockpot so I will send along the one's I can Zone!

Skip- Right there with you on the burger thing! A good cheeseburger and fries goes a LONG way in my book! (Sssshhhh don't tell Jon)

CT Kirks said...

Betty's sounds delightful. When we moved to Connecticut, from So Cal, I thought I would never get to have another burger as good as In and Out's, but the chain 5 Guys Burgers and Fries from Washington DC has hit the scene. I'm looking forward to a "cheat meal" (but not really, actually, digging my 30 days with Robb Wolf right now).


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