Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rules for Eating Out!

1. Never eat the rolls or bread brought to the table.
2. Choose a low fat protein off the menu and ask to replace starches with extra vegetables.
3. Drink a glass of water while waiting for you meal to arrive.
4. If the protein you ordered is significantly bigger than the size of your palm, take the extra home with you for another meal.
5. If you must have dessert when dining out, do not have any carbs with your dinner. Order any dessert you would like, and only eat half.


mrjwhit~ said...

GREAT advice. You can also ask for lunch portions at dinner. As well you can ask for 1/2 your meal to be packed for take home right off the bat. Lastly, keeping records of what you eat will really help you see what's going in.

michele said...

I agree completely mrjwhit! It is sooo easy to slip up when you are out to eat, but clearly possible to stay in the zone if you try!

thanks for the comments!

CT Kirks said...

I too like the cut the meal in half right off the bat. It is never missed and I have a great meal the next day too.

Day 23 on the Robb Wolf Shopping List...I really screwed up my eating today in that I missed lunch, didn't prep a snack, so was a bit light headed before dinner, and then after dinner, felt sick, like I ate too much. I'll have better meal spacing tomorrow. I find that to be the key.


michele said...

thanks for the tips is always helpful to hear what is working for others!!!

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