Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Fats...Bad Fats

Good Fats
Olive oil
Fish oil

Unfavorable Fats
Fatty red meat
Egg yolks
Organ meats
Processed foods rich in trans fats


Jonny V. said...

OK people, I'm in! No measuring implements for me up here in SF tonight, but an "eyeballed" dinner from Whole Foods is pretty close to the mark:

medium chicken breast
medium container of brussel sprout/beet salad (tossed in oil)
small container of quinoa

The salad is mostly brussel with very little beets, so don't worry Michelle!

Breakfast tomorrow in my little knapsack: two eggs and an apple!

CT Kirks said...

Hey guys, I too had a great night nutritionally (at least I think I did). Almost done with day 3 of measuring most things. Following Robb's shopping list, I'm avoiding flour, sugar and dairy for the month. I know that I tolerate dairy, but I'm keeping it clean for the month and will reintroduce, at least that's the plan and it is easy to say on Day 3.
From a measuring standpoint, I'm just measuring the protein and the fats and winging it on the Veg. I got really tired of weighing the 4 - 10 things I throw in my salad (all green, red and orange veg of the non startchy kind)
Long story short, 3 day's down 27 to go.

michele said...

Good work boys! There is strengh in numbers...

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