Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally...We Made It!!!!

So...the 40 days of no cheating is officially OVER!!! I want to thank Kelly Greco and Skip Hanson for sticking with this with me(you both are ROCK STARS). It has not been an especially pleasant experience and one that I would not recommend. So, as I stated before...appreciate your cheat days and use them how they are intended. Have a wonderful Easter holiday!


The White Rabbit said...


Anonymous said...

Your dedication is awesome. I am happy for you that it is OVER! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with lot of cheeseburgers and fries. I love you girl!

Kelly said...

Okay... ugh... YEAH!!!! Hi...I'm on my 4th glass of wine! Night night! :) Michele you are so GREAT! I SO admire you and you inspire me to keep on keepin' on!!! :) This was... uh, a learning experience. Soooo glad it is OVER! Burgers and fries, my friend! Congratulations, Michele and Skip!!!!!... (and I bet John and Stephanie are pretty happy, too). I know Scott is... I've been a little, uh, moody....:) I totally agree... Appreciate your cheat days! They are important.... HALLELUJAH! (I had one of Sheri's chocolate chip cookies) Mmmmmm

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