Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pita Pizza!

I generally split one of these in half and have it with a salad. However, there are some nights I just get sick of salad and eat one of these as my whole meal. This whole pizza is 3 blocks...so it is your choice which version you want!
Pita Pizza (3 blocks)
1 whole wheat pita pocket (2 blocks carbs)
2 TB pizza sauce (negligible)
1/2 green bell pepper slices (1/4 block carbs)
1/2 red bell pepper slices (1/4 block carbs)
9 slices turkey pepperoni (2 blocks protein/ 3 blocks fat)
1 oz shredded mozzarella cheese (1 block protein)
Post thoughts to comments.


k9thatbites said...

I am gonna try this for sure, I am a pizza freak! My favorite snack right now is your "apple pie" - apple butter, yogurt with almonds. I love that one!

Another thing I do with the yogurt is make a salad dressing with a heeping tbsp of yogurt, glob of dijon, and the juice of one lemon. I put it over a cucumber / salmon / caper salad. It is really yummy - thanks for introducing me to that yogurt :)

michele said...

k9thatbites- that sounds great! Thanks for passing along the recipes idea!

Jason said...

I am new to zone and I love what you are doing here but I am confused... how is 1 pita = 2 carb blocks. According to websites, 1/4 of a pita is 1 block.

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