Monday, June 22, 2009

Farm Fresh

I recently starting getting this service at my house, and so far it has been great. Every other Thursday (you can opt for every week if you choose) a box of fresh, organic vegetables and fruit come to my door. The company is call Farm Fresh to You and they offer a great variety of packages to fit any one's needs. Once you sign up they have an exclusion list on your account so that you can list the foods you like and dislike. That way you only receive the food types you will use. The website to check it out is, so if it sounds like something you might be interested in...check it out!


The White Rabbit said...

Hey Michele,

This is so great! Hopefully more people will sign up. Miriam and I split a CSA box from the UCSC Farm and we LOVE it. Not only do you get great, fresh, organic produce, but it forces you to try things you wouldn't ordinary try. Yum Yum!


kelly said...

This sounds truly awesome! Thanks for the info & link, Michele!

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