Sunday, August 10, 2008

Are You Getting Enough????

There is a size, flavor, taste and sometimes color of water to suite just about every person. They come in a multitude of varieties, but at the end of the day...just make sure you are getting enough! The recommended amount of water per day is 64 oz. Some may drink more, and many of you are drinking less. Are you getting enough???
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Sameer said...

Hasn't the 8x8 prescription been refuted?

LW said...


How many/much of a bell pepper makes up a block of carbs?



michele said...

Sameer- I personally think that anyone who does Crossfit should be drinking more than that, however, it is a general guidline.

Len- 2 bell peppers make up 1 block.

Eva T. said...

no, i have to force myself

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