Thursday, April 16, 2009

Question to You!!

I get asked frequently about how to Zone when you are eating out or traveling. Rather than answer it from only my perspective (which is limited because I do neither very frequently) I want to put the question out to you. How do you Zone when you eat out? And for those of you who travel do you Zone when you are dashing through an airport or have no access to a kitchen? Please pass along any tips you may have to offer!!


Abhishek Tiwari said...

I do the following:

1. If I have the time, I buy Zone bars. These are great help during long flights when you have no other good option.

2. While eating out I try to make most restaurant meals zone friendly by eliminating Bread, alcohol and sugar (for desserts). So I might order some meat (chicken, steak or fish) and salad. I try and stay away from most appetizers as you cannot estimate how much they impact your diet and are typically complex foods where you cannot reduce carbs.

PS -- Most airports also sell protein bars. Some of them are lower carb and are close to the Zone numbers. You could also pick them up if you couldnt buy the Zone bars ahead of time.

michele said...

Great tips Abhi! I know you travel quite a bit, so thanks for passing this along!

t-dot sio said...

hi! i am a follower of your posts from toronto.

i travel a ton! last month i was flying out on monday and returning on friday. repeat...
here's how i try to stay in the zone!

travel breakfast - do my WOD at the ungodly hour of 530am...then on the way back to my room i sweet talk a waiter into putting together 3 hard boiled eggs and some sort of fruit. my preference is grapefruit cuz it's a good traveller! and COFFEE! i know there are pros and cons on the coffee front...but it's a non-negotiable for me.

*challenges to on-the-road breakie
*while ordering the healthiful eggs, avoid looking at the waffle maker.

*THE CONTINENTAL! platters of flaky danishes, crusty croissants...and the ever lovely bagel! ahhhh the entire loaf of bread compressed into a beautiful "o!" nothing says happy like a dense O spread thick with pb!

but i have eggs and grapefruit....and a side of almonds/cashews. sigh*

lunch can be tough if it's pre-arranged. pizza is not easily zone-able! there is no amount of squishing, squashing and picking that can make pizza a zone meal that would fill any person, of any size. wraps and sandwiches are a cinch! hot lunches are easy...just stick to protein and vegg. pasta is a challenge...people tend to look at ya funny as you custom pick out the meat and vegg...and leave the noodle! :)

for wraps and sandwiches i do the squish! the squish involves squeezing the innards outta the wrap tossing the shell and enjoying the guts!
*salad...piled SUPER BIG!
*i usually assume fat in the wrap guts or salad dressing

on to dinner...
usually i have group dinners and try to make my food choices quietly so as not to appear picky or odd!
*i stick to salad for a starter. avoiding the fried calamara that always seems to appear on the table! and the bread basket
*i always order a tasty protein - beef and tuna are my fave.
*skip the starch and double the vegg!
*again, i assume the fats are in the cooking.
*WINE! ok sometimes i indulge here! i sip slow and enjoy every ounce.
*dessert - i opt for an americano and pretend it's enough...there is no replacement for dessert!

i always pack nuts. they are transportable and easy fat blocks. although i can't do perfect bocks...i think i keep it pretty close.

michele said...

t-dot sio- Such GREAT tips!!! I know how hard it is to stay in the zone being at I admire all of you staying in it on the road! Thanks for passing this info along!

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