Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another 40 Days Check In!

We are now a little over half way (hard to believe) on the 40 days with no cheating. Here is what my experience has been thus far. The first two weeks I felt pretty good, with no real changes. However, in week three I definitely noticed that my energy is down and I am not feeling as good as I normally do. I am not sure if it is the decrease in overall calories, or the lack of any kind of insulin spike in the week. I will tell you this...appreciate and EMBRACE your cheat days. They are important on many levels, but your body needs the break as well (at least mine appears to!). I will finish this out to the end, but I will look at my cheat days with a whole new respect. Post thoughts to comments.


The White Rabbit said...

Wow! Congratulations to the 40 day crew. That's very impressive! I did waaaay too much cheating and had to settle in a bit and met again with Shari to get back to it. I'm starting from scratch with no cheats for two weeks. Today is day four and I am feeling soooo much better. Though I already know what my cheat meal will be when two weeks come around -- pancakes from Seabreeze. Mmm, can't wait.

Congrats again!!! We're all pulling for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Michele. I felt GREAT at first, and then started feeling tired! I'm also getting grumpier! :) I thought the first 20 days went by pretty quick, but since that half way mark... time has been dragging! 17 more days! My kids and I are COUNTING down the days 'till Easter... granted for different reasons! I want to wake up to a Cadbury egg (Scott thinks they're gross, but I LOVE them), pancakes and a mimosa! :) So, YES cheat days are important! I miss them, and I will cherish them!
Good for YOU, Neile!!!! I'm pulling for you, too!

michele said...

Neile- Way to get back on the wagon girl!

Kelly- Have I mentioned lately how much I love you for enduring this with me? YOU ROCK!!!! Hang strong my friend! We will celebrate with a big burger and fries (and wine)!!!

Anonymous said...

Michele, you are the only reason I'm still suffering through this. We've made it this far! You are so ON! Burgers and fries!!! Wine for me... Beer for you! Cheers, my friend! :) (16 more days!)

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