Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zone Shake

I posted this when I first started this blog. However, I still get asked frequently about protein shakes. I am all about simplicity, and this Zone shake is definitely that. ProZone is a pre-balanced shake mix that comes in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. If made with water it makes a 2 block shake. If made with milk (I recommend) it makes a 3 block shake. To make: in a a blender combine 1 cup milk, 3 heaping TB ProZone and 7-9 ice cubes. Blend until smooth (add more ice if you like your shakes really thick). I have this for late night snack most nights because it is sweet enough to be like a dessert, and it fills me up. You can buy this at some Vitamin Centers as well as online through Nutribiotic. ( Post thoughts to comments.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a yummy birthday cake to me.... ???? I just want a speck of your strength and focus. Just a speck!

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