Friday, March 27, 2009

Tuna Pita

This is a great 2 block snack or light lunch...
Tuna Pita Wedges- 2 blocks
1 whole wheat pita cut into 1/4's (2 block carbs)
2 oz tuna (1/2 oz on each wedge) (2 blocks protein/ 2 blocks fat)
Dab of relish to top. Post thoughts to comments.


Felix said...

Interesting meal, nice. Just in case anyone is interested, I started a zone-meal-blog 2 months ago; German only, though. Maybe a few readers find it useful:

13L90-W2 said...

Do you subtract the fiber grams from the carb grams to get the actual carb count on the pita? Or did you find a really low carb pita? This looks like a killer snack. I need some more variety; cottage cheese & berries, and string cheese and apple w/ almond butter gets old every day. I also want to try your "apple pie" - looks yummy. Thanks again, I love this blog!

Matthew C. Baldwin said...

This little treat looks pretty awesome, even if the pita is off limits to the paleo crowd.

One quibble: depending on what kind of tuna you use, there isn't probably enough fat in that to count as two blocks of fat. I'd mix in 1 tsp. of canola mayo to the tuna when making this snack.

But then I really like more fat in my diet.

michele said...

k9thatbites- I always subtract out the dietary fiber from the carbs, which makes this pita 2 blocks. Check your labels though, because they do vary some.

Matthew- I did in fact add some low fat mayo to this for fat. I should have put that in there, sorry for the confusion. Otherwise, you are correct that the fat content would be too low.

Kathy said...

love this!

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