Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zone Pizza

This was a very quick and tasty way to make zoned pizza! I used whole wheat pita bread and turkey pepperoni, but you could easily make this a vegetarian pizza by adding peppers or Hawaiian style by adding Canadian bacon and pineapple. I had this for dinner, but it would make a great 2 block lunch as well.
Pita Pizza- 3 blocks
1 whole pita (2 blocks carb)
1 1/2 tablespoons pizza sauce (negligible on all markers)
2 oz mozzarella cheese (2 blocks protein)
8 slices turkey pepperoni (1/2 block protein)
Spinach Salad
1 cup spinach (1/2 block carb)
1 tablespoon feta cheese (1/2 block protein/ 1 block fat)
1/8 cup kidney beans (1/2 block carb)
olive oil dressing (2 blocks fat)
Post thoughts to comments.


Anonymous said...

Zone Pizza???? Does this mean we get to go to Tony & Alba's this weekend?????


michele said...

Only if it is a cheat day...but this will work in the meantime!

Kelly said...

Yikes, we ate out tonight... and at a hamburger place too. I took your advice though and took off half the bun and substituted salad for fries. Thanks for all the tips!! Scott, however, decided to have his "omegas" fried with some chips! The pizza sounds good (my kids will be happy).

Katie said...

Yum! Thanks for all your good ideas! My husband and I really enjoy the site.

Annie said... is now VERY obvious that you are 'Zoning'. I could definitely see a difference in your physique today (already!!). Michele has just made it too easy for us all to not look and FEEL really good!

Rob Miller said...

Sometimes I miss tasty pizza like that.
Wait a minute! I can eat that!

Rachel said...

I tried some of the other recipes last night and for breakfast this morning and packed one for lunch today! I really wanna stick with it. I attended the games and did ok (did well for me :)) and I cna just see how being lean (I am not fat by anymeans) really helps on all the events, especially the run and pulls ups. I definitely have some high goals for the games next year and I hope this will take me a bit further to get there. Thanks!

Also, what are your thoughts on Low Carb beer? I saw a beer the other day with only 3.7 g of carbs and 1.1 g of protein.

Thanks a bunch!!!

michele said...


I am glad the site is giving you some ideas on meals and let me know if you have any questions about putting things together. As far as the low carb beer, I have not tried any of them. I happen to love beer so my thoughts would be to have the real thing and save it for your cheat days.

Anonymous said...

I just started the Zone diet and I'm planning on totally living off your recipes..they're great! But, when can you actually start adding in 'cheat days'?

michele said...

When you are first starting out or even if you have just re-commited to being "strict" on the Zone, I generally tell people to go two full weeks without cheating. Even then, make your first cheat only a meal and not a full days worth! I have found that my body does not like an entire day of cheating, but does pretty well with one or two meals on a given day. I also recommend that you try and not eat out during your initial two weeks. There are too many temptations and until you get good at eyeballing your portions it makes it too hard to stay where you need to be.

Anonymous said...

After "zoning" for awhile, you'll find your cravings for "cheat" days get less and less!! Your head will say yes, yes, but your body will say no no!!

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