Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tequila Lime Shrimp

Well, my husband was at the Giants game, my kids were invited to the neighbors for pizza, so I was on my own for dinner. In this situation I always crave shrimp! It's just so easy to take the exact amount out from the freezer... it's quick... and it's delicious. I buy the 2 lb. raw, tail on, jumbo shrimp from Costco. It's a household staple!

7 shrimp
2 cloves garlic
2 T chopped cilantro
juice from 1/2 lime
splash Tequila

I sauteed garlic and chopped cilantro in olive oil, then added the shrimp and cooked until pink. Then I squeezed lime juice over the top and stirred. Just before serving, I added a splash of Tequila. This is 2 blocks protein and fat... so, I had a salad with it to balance it out. It was very tasty!

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