Monday, August 31, 2009

BBQ Chicken Thighs and Celery Salad

Celery Salad... This was awesome! Thanks Neile and Miriam for recommending this! Recipe from Marks's Daily Apple.

1 bunch (12-15 stalks) celery, plus leaves

1 cup sliced or slivered almonds
1/4 cup olive oil
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1/4 cup roughly chopped parsley
salt and pepper

Chop the celery stalks and leaves into bite-sized pieces. Mix together with almonds. Whisk olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, and a pinch of salt and pepper together in a small bowl. Drizzle dressing on top of celery and almonds and stir well. Makes approximately 4 servings.

I served it with BBQ's chicken thighs and zucchini. Marinade chicken thighs in:
1 C white wine
3 T lemon juice
2 T chopped oregano
2 T chopped thyme
2 cloves minced garlic
1 tsp onion powder
Marinate for at least 4-6 hours! BBQ to your liking and served with steamed zucchini! This meal is about 3 blocks ! Take the skin off the thighs to cut the fat a little more! Enjoy!

* Zone/Paleo challenge is here! I was so pleased to see such a wonderful turnout! Congratulations to all of you... this is going to be GREAT!!!
Remember to KEEP your food log! Turn in weekly! To either myself or Michele.

Let's get lean!! :)


Unknown said...

Ah me... 9/1 is here. I had some ice cream and a beer. It was like breaking up with my first girlfriend.

So what did other foods did folks say a heartfelt goodbye to tonight?


neile said...

Unlimited wine! That's a food, right?

Good luck everyone, we can do this!!!

IAMAOK said...

I had 1 serving left of popcorn...I enjoyed my last bowl of homemade, non-paleo popped corn last night...I said goodbye to a fermented yeast drink this weekend at a Luaua...
WE can Dooooo itttt!!! :) Michele A. O'K.

caitlin said...

uh...i started my "last supper" with waffles and champagne for breakfast...fritos and licorice for lunch and a giant dinner at palomar with margaritas...yeehaw!!!!!!!!here we go...

Unknown said...

Ha. Just saw my typo in my original post.

Anyhow, my first question: why is salt crossed off the paleo list? Our ancestors had access to the sea...

Kelly Greco said...

Way to go!!!
Haha, Arturo! I had that question, too. There are still some paleo sites that say small amounts of salt it ok... depends how strict you want to be! Here is an answer to your question that I found on :

What's the problem with adding salt to my food?

As do hard cheeses, cereal grains, meats, and legumes, salt presents a net acid load to the kidneys in the absence of alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables. The body responds by tapping its reserve of calcium salts in the bones, which can lead to osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases. As described in The Paleo Diet, cheeses, grains, and legumes are nutritionally problematic for other reasons as well. Eating lean, low-salt meat is fine when it's balanced with fruits and vegetables. Do your body a favor and put the salt shaker away.

Jeannie said...

That recipe looks yummy....maybe this won't be so bad after all:) Can't wait to try this recipe out.

Whitney said...

We went to a yummy italian dinner- Chicken Parmesan (goodbye cheese, sniff).. Wine and a bite of Clark's raviolis! Yum!

Kelly, I was a bit late to the meeting- are you posting the food journal sample? When do we turn in our week journal? On Sunday for the week prior?

Miriam said...

I said goodbye to fries and cookies at school lunch. And hot cereal for breakfast, and afternoon mochas. Yikes.

michele said...

I am SOOO proud of every one of you for taking this on! What a great turn out for what I hope will be life changing for many of you! Please let me or Kelly know if there is anything we can do!! If anyone needs copies of the food log shoot me an email and I will get it to you!
Good luck CFSCCers!

Tammy said...

CHOCOLATE! What am I gonna do?! Do you guys even know how HUGE of a challenge it is for me to give up chocolate?!?! Plus I gotta cook more than usual?! (Usually I cook very minimally.) So everyone please keep reminding me of all the positive reasons for doing this and I'm sorry in advance for being grumpy during these first two weeks.
Like Caitlin said...YEEHAW! Here we go!

Anonymous said...

Guy's at the firehouse love the salad, i was somewhat nervous about serving it there, but i got a good response. I added some balsamic vinegar also!
Thanks again!


Kelly Greco said...

That's awesome, Chuck!! :)

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