Monday, December 15, 2008


Thanks so much to all of you who attended the Zone Clinic at CFSCC on Saturday. Please let me know what you liked, did not like, learned, did not learn, etc... I would love you feedback on the clinic so that I can continue to make it better. You were a great group...thanks for all the good questions! I look forward to watching your progress!


theresa said...

When is the next one??

Anonymous said...

GREAT class!! Very informative and well done. I truly appreciate the binders that you made. They are great for a quick reference. I also really like the daily record sheets. Thanks for answering the many questions that were being asked. Next time I will bring cookies. I will bring celery...turkey... and A macadamia nut. Thanks again!! I will keep you posted. I am on day three of strict Zone. YIPES.

michele said...

Thanks Kim! It was great having you there to add your insights into all that was discussed. Your the best and I am here for you over the next two vent away!

Theresa- I am tentatively planning another clinic in February depending upon demand.

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