Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Zone Burger...Hold the Fries!

I love hamburgers!! I make turkey burgers a lot as well, but today I used organic, grass fed beef...very tasty!
Burger and Broccoli- 3 blocks
1 slice Orowheat Light bread (1/2 block carbs)
1 slice Havarti cheese (1 block protein/ 3 blocks fat)
2oz beef hamburger patty (2 blocks protein)
2 cups broccoli- (1 block carbs)
1 TB ketchup (1/2 block carbs)
Post thoughts to comments.


Jonny V. said...


Dinner tonight:

5 oz. skirt steak
2 c. green beans
1/2 c. quinoa
the rest of my kombutcha from yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Ha I knew it...I had a burger tonight as well and yes, I did hold the fries, of course.

Anonymous said...


Great job on holding the fries. I couldn't resist and stole one fry from Connor when he wasn't looking.


Anonymous said...

Now I know why Connor no longer wants to play for the Giants...

michele said...


It changes day to day....

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